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Nordic companies are pioneering the smartcar industry as businesses and consumers turn to software to improve efficiency and safety
Car makers and IT suppliers in the Nordic region are pacesetters in developing smartcars with technology set to improve fleet management and safety.
Swedish car manufacturing in particular has been a world leader on road safety solutions and is at the forefront in terms of connected and automated vehicles.

Connected, cooperative and automated vehicles and systems have the potential to radically change the transport systems, innovative development and labour market. It is the start of a revolution, with analyst house Gartner estimating 250 million connected vehicles on the road by 2020.
But it is not only newcomers shaking up the industry today. Major car manufacturers, suppliers and the public transportation authorities have started to deploy their digital, mobile and self driving programs collaborating with the government and communal services.

Automotive industry transformation is getting the fast pace and Nordic companies are leading the way.

Hosted on the 28-29th of March at  T zone of Stockholm Weekend Motor Show in Stockholmsmässan,

Connected Vehicles & Shared Services Industry Talk provides sessions and tracks on connected services, smart cities, mobility, ADAS, autonomous vehicles among other topics and builds a bespoke agenda that tackles the challenges your business is facing.

The forum attracts more than 1000 professional visitors visitors from the Nordic region and internationally. This year’s focus is how the innovation and startup power drives the change in the industry.
The Forum’s three pillars: Conference, Startups  and Innovation Expo will have a common thread covering all modes of transport and connectivity.

Expected industry representatives from automotive, transport and mobility sectors will include the government reps, transportation authorities, Scania, Bil Sweden, Uniti, Einride,Telenor, Uber, Scania, Tesla, Keolis,  Nobina, Stockholm City, Transportverket, ACEA, Telenor, Tele2 and many others.

They will discuss concerns around cybersecurity, resilience planning and the winning solutions to the transport infrastructure.

There will be discussions on multimodality and the journey to achieving to achieving true seamless, effortless and protected mobility.

Last but not least cooperative, connected and automated mobility will be highlighted with a special focus on the legal and safety aspects.